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Is CPA your cup of tea?

Bhaswati Bhattacharya

CPA – These three simple initials after your name makes you one in a million in the finance and accounting fraternity. You feel proud to belong to the most elite group of the world’s topmost Public Accountants.

Being a CPA doesn’t only mean that you are a qualified professional accountant, it means much more than that. A CPA degree after your name makes your career opportunities as vast as the corporate world can be. You get globally mobile. You are unanimously trusted as an international finance professional with high calibres and you are eligible to fill in any respectful position of the industry. Most CFos and Director Finances of the industry are CPAs. Whenever there is a choice between a CPA and a non-CPA to fill in a prestigious post, a CPA is always picked up because of the trustworthiness associated with the designation. According to the AICPA, CPAs earn 10-15% more than non-CPAs working in accounting-related jobs. Or you can look at it this way, a CPA has the potential to boost their earnings by $1 million over their lifetime compared to a non CPA in the same position. Here while talking about CPA, we mean the CPA US qualification provided by AICPA – as that is the most worldwide valued CPA designation in the business world.

However attractive the above sentences sound, do not take a decision in haste. Because behind every great prestige there is a greater dedication required.

The decision to become CPA US or a Certified Public Accountant, is absolutely a personal one – depending on your life and professional goals.

A CPA US is a licensed accountant who has:

Passed a series of rigorous tests administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

  • Completed 150 hours of coursework
  • Worked at least one year in the accounting field under a licensed CPA.
  • While accountants can prepare detailed financial reports, audit the books of public companies, and prepare
    reports for tax purposes, only CPAs can legally sign tax returns and represent clients at tax audits or other matters by the IRS.

The CPA designation requires continual educational enhancement.

CPAs must complete 80 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) every two years to keep their license current. In most states, the requirement includes a minimum number of accounting and auditing courses, as well as a board-approved ethics course.

It’s a commitment. Don’t do it just because someone tells you to. Do it because you want to do it and you want to make a lucrative future in the Public Accounting Domain. CPAs need to be analytical and detail-oriented. They need good written and oral communication skills and good people handling skills.And, they need to pass the four-part CPA exam. They also need to meet the eligibility requirement to write the exams.

CPA exam is conducted by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). NASBA represents the 50 State Board of Accountancy and 4 districts which determines the Exam eligibility of the candidates. Different states of the US have different sets of eligibility criteria and a CPA aspirant needs to be evaluated as eligible for a given state before writing for the exams from that state. The relevant State Board of Accountancy declares the Exam score. After passing the exam one needs to apply for the license from the respective State Board of Accountancy in case he wants to practise as a Chartered Accountant in the United States and some more first world countries.


You need to send your educational documents to an expert for the basic evaluation of your CPA eligibility before you go for an official evaluation by NASBA or similar onganisations recognised by the AICPA body. You are eligible to write the exams if you possess a 4 years bachelor degree in commerce or you have a master in finance and accounting, you are the perfect candidate to give CPA a go.


January & February: Testing Window

March: Dead Month

April & May: Testing Window

June: Dead Month

July & August: Testing Window

September: Dead Month

October & November: Test Window

December: Dead Month

Candidates are allowed to take all four sections of the exam during any testing window and in any order they choose. However, you may not take the same section more than once during any single testing window.

Exam Papers, Syllabus, Exam tenures and Exam structure:

1. FAR (4 hour exam) 60% MCQ, 40% Simulations

  • Financial Accounting & Reporting

2. AUD (4 hour exam) 60% MCQ, 40% Simulations

  • Auditing & Attestation
  • Auditing standards & procedures

3. REG (3 hour exam) 60% MCQ, 40% Simulations

  • Regulation
  • US federal taxation & business law

4. BEC (3 hours exam) 85% MCQ, 15% Written Communication Tasks

  • Business Environment & Concepts
  • Understanding business transactions

Countries where CPA Exams are conducted:

Apart from the US, CPA exam is nowadays also conducted in countries like UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Lebanon. This has reduced the total cost of doing CPA by a significant amount for the Asian students.

For more details on CPA US, you may contact the writer at [email protected]

US CPA – Everything you need to know

Bhaswati Bhattacharya

If you have expressed your wish to pursue the most prestigious & internationally recognized public accounting credential – CPA US, this post will be informative for you.

CPA US makes you the world’s No. 1 qualified public accountant of the industry in the least possible time.

CPA has 4 papers – BEC, AUD, FAR, REG. One needs 12 months to 18 months of time to complete these papers

You can write the exams from the US or Middle East Countries like: UAE (Dubai), Bahrain, Kuwait, and Lebanon.

Benefits of HOCK CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Exam Preparation

  • HOCK fully covers the CPA exam syllabus with complete and comprehensive CPA study materials and software with MCQs so that you can pass the exam on your first attempt.
  • Hock provides you both Hard Copies and Soft Copies of materials. Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to study wherever you go or use the traditional comfortable hard books whichever suits you.
  • HOCK offers the best Guarantees with all of our CPA Exam Prep, all included at no extra cost.
  • Use the materials for as long as you need to pass the exams, with free material updates included. No Expiry Date of software.


Apart from receiving unlimited live online training and recording for every part, our CPA students also get free Guidance for CPA Eligibility evaluation, Sate Selection and getting NTS and Hock International CPA Hard Books, auto-updated unlimited access of Hock CPA e-books as well as Hock CPA Software with thousands of MCQs and Simulations to practice.

#Hock’s CPA mentors are having 20 to 30 years of industry and teaching experience and are CPA themselves.

#Hock’s provides the most economical package for CPA US study throughout the globe restoring high-quality parameters.

#We also provide a separate package of Hock CPA Study materials, Software, Video and Offline Support for those who want to pursue CPA in self-study mode.

Watch Mr Brian Hock explaining HOCK CPA materials

If you are a post-graduate in finance and understand the necessity to grab the highest public accountant status of the world, you are the ideal candidate to try with your CPA luck.

Still if you are not able to decide whether plunge for CPA or NOT, read this article in linkedIn


Why live online interactive classes are better than physical classrooms?

Bhaswati Bhattacharya

I know that you understand the need of upskilling yourself to stay updated in the rapidly changing scenarios in the Global job sector.

International Professional Accounting Certifications like US CPA, CMA and CIA are nowadays your stepping stones to climb the corporate ladder.

But still there might be a question in your mind….

“What do I choose? ”Do I choose to learn from a local offline training institution or an global live online training program?”

If this is the question that’s nagging you, it’s natural, and it’s good.

You should make an informed decision.

Which one is best for you?

Offline classroom training Or live interactive online training like HOCK India’s CMA/CPA classes?

Let’s look into each one.

:: Offline Classroom Training ::

Well, nothing can beat the classroom learning experience.

Interacting with the instructor, asking questions and getting answers instantly, and hanging out with friends after the session is over.

It’s so good to be back to school.


Price: It costs you a fortune. A decent offline training program might cost you anywhere between 1 Lakh to 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees.

That’s a huge investment for many of you.

Trainer’s Experience: Your level of learning depends entirely on how good your trainer is. When you’re in tier 2 cities, you may not get access to the best trainers and has to settle for less.

Time Investment: You also have to invest a particular time at the training venue. And If there is no training center at your location, you may have to travel to the nearest location or relocate to a place where better institutes are present. That’ll cost you a bit more.

Future Support: You won’t get access to the training program or trainer after the completion of the course. You also won’t get support. You are on your own.

Lack of Course Updates: Pretty much standard courseware that doesn’t get updated frequently.

In short, when it comes to the value you get for the huge money you pay, it isn’t much.

I might be biased, and I recommend you to take my feedback with a pinch of salt.

But that’s what I’ve learned from people I meet in the meet-ups and other CMA/CPA training events I participate.


:: Live Online Interactive Training on Webex Platform::

Affordable: You’ll be paying 1/2 of the cost of a classroom training program. And if you are beginner trying to get a job or someone in the early stages of your career, this is crucial.

Also, you get the best value for money.

Trainers: You can learn from the top experts without breaking the bank.

You will be able to learn from your favorite mentors without needing to travel to other cities or countries, and that’s the power of online training programs.

Lifetime Access: You’ll get lifetime access to the course materials, which means you can access them whenever you want/need to refresh things you’ve learned.

Most of the programs are regularly updated and offer you free access to the course updates.

Support: Online programs help you interact with influencers and experts in a live environment.

Recordings: Even if you miss a class, you can go through its recording at your free time. So practically there is no class bunking here. 🙂

Most of the programs offer you community support – where you get to interact with students like you who helps each other and mentors to help to clarify your queries.

Learn from Anywhere: And the best part is you can learn from anywhere after your working hours. All you need is a device with an internet connection.

That’s why even the leading colleges and universities have started online courses and other kinds of online learning programs so that they can reach those audiences who are interested in their courses but couldn’t afford the large sum of fees or traveling to different countries.

Of course, online learning has its shortfalls.

You don’t get fancy classrooms or classroom experience but you can wrap yourself with your favourite blanket in a chilled winter and study.

But you can be as interactive with the faculty in a live online program as you can be in a offline one.

And, when it comes to the cost vs. value, I can confidently say that you’ll be getting the best value for your investment.

It’s your turn.

Which course do you want to choose?

Here are your options

You can choose an offline institute, pay anywhere between 100K.


You can choose to Join HOCK INDIA’S LIVE ONLINE INTERACTIVE COACHING FOR CMA US [& Get HOCK CMA review materials plus Brian Hock‘s videos worth 798 USD] all in a package of just 60,000 INR plus GST (18%) only for Indians valid till 31st March.


You can choose to Join HOCK INDIA’S LIVE ONLINE INTERACTIVE COACHING FOR CPA US [& Get HOCK CPA review materials and software and videos worth 1198 USD] all in a package of just 80,000 INR plus GST (18%) only for Indians valid till 31st March.


You can choose to do nothing, and not grow in your career.

Remember, it’s your choices that define your future.

Announcing new HOCK India Office

HOCK international is very pleased to announce the opening of our first official office in India. The HOCK India office will offer CMA, CPA, and CIA classeswith HOCK-approved Indian instructors, provide materials for self-study locally, and work with other institutions and Universities who want to use HOCK materials in their classes. Certification expert Bhaswati Bhattacharya brings her years of certification experience as head of the new HOCK India office.

The first CMA classes run by HOCK India will be starting in November and will be offered online for only 50,000 INR for both Parts, including authentic HOCK materials access. The online interactive classes will be available from home computers after Indian working hours.

The web site for the HOCK India office is just getting started, but will be expanded over the coming weeks with additional information, so check back regularly for updates at http://www.hockindia.com/ or follow HOCK India on Facebook. You can get the latest information on upcoming classes, learn more about the instructors, and send a request for a personal contact about the upcoming classes.

We are very excited to bring HOCK to India, and look forward to starting the first official HOCK classes in India later this year!

Source Link: https://www.hockinternational.com/announcing-new-hock-india-office/

5 Common Mistakes

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