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CMA Pass Percentage

Many people have the wrong notion that passing the CMA test is a herculean task. While it is not a piece of cake, it is recommended to take a look at the CMA exam pass rate to understand its difficulty level. From the recent CMA pass percentage, it can be said that it was a bit challenging for the candidates. It will also provide you a prerequisite idea about the preparations; you need to do, for passing the examination.

CMA pass percentage from latest CMA examinations

As per the statistics, the average of students who clear this exam is around forty-five percent. It appears that the Institute of Certified Management Account has reduced the release of the pass percentage of the specific examination in the past few years. If we take a close look at the previous statistics, it can be said that ICMA delivers the CMA passing percentage for every examination part in around every nine months.

CMA pass percentage in comparison to the other certification tests

A wide array of students who intend to appear for CMA examination has the question, about the pass rate of CMA, in comparison to the other accounting certification examination. It is because students want to understand which accounting examination is the hardest to clear so that they can decide, which test to opt for. However, you need to keep in mind that the difficulty level of an examination cannot be the right parameter to determine which course is suitable for you.

After thorough research, it can be said that pass rates of CMA examination are little less, in comparison to the other international accounting exams, like the CFA or CPA but they are much higher than Indian Professional Accounting Courses like CA (3% to 5% pass rate) or ICWA (7% to 10% pass rate). If you compare the study tenure of courses like the ACCA, CFA, CPA, ICWA or CA, the CMA US will take the minimum time required (6 to 9 months) for you to pass the exams.

Analysis of CMA Pass Percentage

After digging more into the statistics of the CMA exam pass percenatge, we have understood the patterns as well as the factors, which lead to such rates. In this guide, the pass rates of the examination have been broken down into two different parts, for the sake of easy understanding.

Part 1

For almost four years, the pass rate of the examination was limited to 31-35% which is much less, as compared to other examinations. However, if the statistics of the Middle East are removed from the above graph, you will be amazed to find that the results are more appreciating. Hence, it can be said that the pass rates are significantly lesser in the Middle East Countries.

According to the graph, students with English as the native language or those who know English, have better scopes of clearing the examination. Another prominent reason why the students of the Middle East fail to have better grades in this exam is that they do not have sufficient study materials and resources. There are a bunch of students from these countries who make use of local and outdated study materials. Thus, they are not updated with the latest course materials owing to which they fail to give their best in the specific examination.

Statistics also show that the number of students passing the exam is significantly higher in Asia, Europe, and other countries where English is the native language. Another crucial factor, you need to determine is how language has a positive impact on the pass rate and CMA scores.

Impact of English on the Pass rates of CMA Examination

The question paper of the CMA test includes a set of complicated questions and words, which seem to be a bit challenging for students, with weak English vocabulary as well as comprehensive skills. Apart from the multiple-choice questions, it includes an essay section that determines the ability of the student to write and read English. Students who are weak in English should give extra attention to the same, for clearing the examination. Students can showcase a better performance if they write the examination in their language. Thus, international students need to practice English writing to make better preparations for the test.

Part 2

According to the statistics, it can be said that the pass percentage of the CMA exam of part 2 during the time was much higher, in the non-English speaking countries, in comparison to Part 1. Besides this, the year on year improvement also seems to be encouraging. Even, in the Middle Eastern countries, the passing rate is around 45 percent. There might be several reasons for the difference in results between both the parts. There are chances that students who appeared for Part 2 made better preparations. They were well versed with the latest study materials and utilized more time in the preparations. Another primary reason for the success of these candidates is that they had to work on a lesser number of subjects, owing to which they were capable of giving their best on that. On the other hand, Part 1 is seen to cover a wide spectrum of topics, which seem to be more difficult for the students.

A few considerations from the CMA Exam Pass Rate

After a thorough analysis, here is a few crucial information about the CMA examination. You need to remember that such factors affect the pass rates and thus it is essential to take them into account:

A wide spectrum of candidates

The Institute of Management Accounts welcomes a plethora of CMA candidates from across the globe. However, the format of the examination is known to be US-centric. Thus, students leaving outside the United States might not be acquainted with the terminology of multiple-choice questions. On top of that, if they do not have English as the native language, it becomes really hard to get better grades on the essays.

Low Barrier of Entry

Also, the Institute of Management allows students with any degree of specialization to appear for this examination. Thus, the low entry barrier lures a plethora of students across the globe to appear for the examination for it. Most of them are casual candidates who have not made efforts for the preparation of the examination.

Now that you have sufficient information regarding CMA exam pass rates, it is recommended to make better preparations for taking the examinations so that you can clear it on the very first try.


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