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CPA – The three simple initials after your name makes you one in a million in the finance and accounting fraternity. You feel proud to belong to the most elite group of the world’s topmost Public Accountants. A CPA degree after your name makes your career opportunities as vast as the corporate world can be. You get globally mobile. You are unanimously trusted as an international finance professional with high calibres and you are eligible to fill in any respectful position of the industry

Here while talking about CPA, we mean the CPA US qualification provided by AICPA – as that is the most worldwide valued CPA designation in the business world.

A CPA US is a licensed accountant who has:

Passed a series of rigorous tests administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

  • Completed 150 hours of coursework
  • Worked at least one year in the accounting field under a licensed CPA.
  • While accountants can prepare detailed financial reports, audit the books of public companies, and prepare reports for tax purposes, only CPAs can legally sign tax returns and represent clients at tax audits or other matters by the IRS.

The CPA designation requires continual educational enhancement.

CPA exam is conducted by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). NASBA represents the 50 State Board of Accountancy and 4 districts which determines the Exam eligibility of the candidates. Different states of the US have different sets of eligibility criteria and a CPA aspirant needs to be evaluated as eligible for a given state before writing for the exams from that state. The relevant State Board of Accountancy declares the Exam score. After passing the exam one needs to apply for the license from the respective State Board of Accountancy in case he wants to practise as a Chartered Accountant in the United States and some more first world countries.


You may send scanned copies of your educational documents to us for a basic evaluation guidance on your CPA eligibility before you go for an official evaluation by NASBA or similar onganisations recognised by the AICPA body.


January & February: Testing Window
March: Dead Month
April & May: Testing Window
June: Dead Month
July & August: Testing Window
September: Dead Month
October & November: Test Window
December: Dead Month

Candidates are allowed to take all four sections of the exam during any testing window and in any order they choose. However, you may not take the same section more than once during any single testing window.

Exam Papers, Syllabus, Exam tenures and Exam structure:

Countries where CPA Exams are conducted:

Apart from the US, CPA exam is nowadays also conducted in countries like UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Lebanon. This has reduced the total cost of doing CPA by a significant amount for the Asian students.

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