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Hope you have started gearing up with your CMA studies and are determined to pass your exams farthest by Jan-Feb 2020. You will be taught as per 2020 syllabus in the current batch. Here is a small prep suggestion based on my experience of last one decade:

Preparation Tips for CMA Students

1. Go through the particular topic once from your pdf material prior to the live class.


2. Try attending the live online class sitting with your computer, pen and notebook.


3. Go through the recording sent on the next day and co-relate it with your study material.


4. Go through Brian Hock’s video on that particular topic …  you received it as complimentary in your Hock India package.


5. Try the MCQs / Essay Questions related to that topic. Consult with the faculty in the next class if you face any hurdle solving them or still have issues with concept clarity.


6. Make sure you handle each MCQ within a maximum time of 1.8 minutes. Make a habit of making good assumptions even if you aren’t sure of the answer. There is no negative marking. So attempt every question.


7. Even if you are busy and don’t have time to practice MCQs and Essays in regular working days and you keep them for weekends, make double sure that your concept on the subject gets clarified in every class. Ask the faculty to repeat until you understand it 100%.


Following the above steps religiously will ensure a first time success in your upcoming CMA exam.


Study hard and smart as it is quite costly in terms of money and energy to fail a exam. You won’t fail if you prepare strategically and do not rush for writing exams like some people do.


Be rest assured, we will inform you once the next IMA Promo gets declared.


Wish you good fortune in this journey but remember that fortune favours only the brave ones. 🌈

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  1. Parag Bhattacharyya on September 21, 2019 at 1:37 pm

    Very Well explained… immensely helpful 👌