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The demand graph of CPA US qualification is getting steeper every day in Indian and Middle East finance job sector. The reasons are mani-folded. A CPA US qualification is not only considered as the Topmost Public Accounting status of the world, but it also symbolizes your competence and potential in F&A domain to the highest level. MNCs of India and ME are recruiting US CPAs extensively since last 2 years in significant positions within the company. Compared to other chartered accounting courses, a US CPA is in an advantageous position in demand, duration (short termed) and cost as well.

CPA hock india

Even being aware of the rising demand for US CPAs, Indian students are still sceptic to give it a go due to issues in the clarity of the process involved to achieve the CPA US designation and license.

These are the steps one needs to go through to give his CPA US dream a reality:

  1. Check whether you are eligible for US CPA by sending scanned copies of your mark sheets to an expert.
  2. Collect branded, to-the-point study materials, software and start with your prep.
  3. Get in touch with good CPA mentors
  4. CPA is a tough exam, devote at least 3 months of time for each paper; i.e. 12 months for all 4 papers.
  5. Meanwhile, start with your official evaluation of the credentials process preferably from NASBA, fix the US state from which you will write CPA and apply for an NTS.
  6. Pay exam fee to AICPA.
  7. Plan for your travel to Dubai/US and write exams.
  8. Once you pass all 4 parts produce your experience certificate ( criteria depends on state to state) and apply for the CPA License.
  9. Although not yet official, we have news from genuine sources that CPA exam can be written from India in the near future. By that time get yourself GET PREPARED FOR THE BIG SHOW.

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