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Why CMA from Hock India

CMA certification contributes to being the best in class accounting certification for management where the individual seeks a prerequisite understanding of finance. It is known to work closely with the upper management, the skills, knowledge, and experience, which affects the direction of the organizations. Business organizations aim to hire CMA professionals for running the business and making primary business decisions. It is essential to take the right coaching for making better preparations for the examination. HOCK International is one of the leading institutes which offer top-rated materials for coaching.

This write-up comprises the review of HOCK CMA which is meant for students who are looking for a budget-friendly option for making the preparations for the examination. This review is going to lend a helping hand to the candidates so that they can make the prerequisite preparations on the examination on the very first attempt along with the prerequisite essentials and support. You can make the best use of mobile phones, tablets, and computers for studying the materials. Thus, they can study from any time, any place, catering to the needs.

Personalized Study Schedule

HOCK International brings to you a personalized study schedule for CMA aspirants which monitors the progress through the step by step process via the materials. In case you are changing or falling behind the expected examination date, it is possible to bring an adjustment in the schedule. Here are some of the primary aspects of CMA examination preparations from HOCK International:


It involves practicing the examination questions online in previous years. You can do this in the mobile application of Hock International along with the exam or study modes. After practicing the examination questions, you can find the explanations for different answer questions.


It is another vital aspect of the CMA examination. It includes easy to read and comprehensive textbooks in the form of PDF format. It offers complete coverage of the syllabus of CMA.

Essay Questions

The preparations for the CMA examination include the previous essay questions which are inclusive of the detailed explanations, answers, and the video answers.

Mock Examinations

HOCK International conducts mock examinations to track the progress of the CMA examination. The questionnaire includes new questions. Students need to take these mock examinations to make them a suitable candidate.

Flash Cards

Hock International confers the quick study formulas, the main concepts along with the electronic flashcards, which are included in the format of a PowerPoint.


HOCK International provides up to date guarantee, one to one support guarantee, best price guarantee, and no expiration guarantee.

Support Guarantee

HOCK provides limitless access to support the students who intend to take the CMA examination. You do need to think of any question before a specific date. You can ask any questions, related to the course. We help in clearing your doubts so that you can prepare for your examinations properly.

The support provided by the CMA examination includes technical support, teacher support, and exam support. Through technical support, you can study the materials of the training on different smart devices. Via the teacher support, you will be able to get all the answers to the questions from the leading experts of the industry. The exam support imparts the recommendations about how and when to register for the examination.

CMA aspirants will possess online access to different updated materials. Hence, you do not need to study with the aid of outdated materials. HOCK International delivers the latest materials and thus the students can prepare without any hassles. The no expiration guarantee offers access to the most updated materials. The support of HOCK International does not consist of any sort of set expiration date. Hence, you can be ensured that you are not going to lose access to the materials, even after 12-18 months. Thus, you will be capable of using the materials, as long as you need them for passing the CMA examination.

HOCK International delivers the top quality of materials at the most exclusive prices. They sell the materials to the CMA aspirant directly via the online store without any sort of middleman markup. So, if you are planning to appear for the CMA examination, you can start your preparations from today without the need to look for affiliate links.

Live Online Interactive Classes

The CMA US classes are being conducted by qualified CM veterans holding rich experience in the corporate world. The classes are scheduled from Monday to Saturday for 1.5 hours at night (9pm to 10:30pm).  In the class the faculty members not only prepare the students for the examination but also shares tips & strategies to handle the questions. The live classes allow students to have a clear understanding about the syllabus and a platform to clear them doubts. Like materials, Hock India’s live online classes are having unlimited access to the students. 

Options for payment

HOCK International offers different options for payment online via debit card, credit card, American Express, MasterCard, PayPal also Net Banking. You can find the materials immediately after purchasing them within the studies. You are eligible for the refund within the first seven days of placement of the order. If you want a refund, you should make sure to delete all the materials, which are saved and downloaded, after getting a refund. You also need to return the hard copy textbooks. You should return the hard copy textbooks in new conditions within the first week of the receipt. You are not going to get a refund of the shipping charges.

HOCK International introduces a variety of payment plans with the least purchase at about $299. You can select from a wide array of payment lengths and down payments for about four months. Several CMA aspirants intend to opt for the training materials of HOCK International as they do not need to worry about the credit check, interest charge. If you are planning to appear for the CMA examination, you should make sure to invest in the materials of HOCK International

They render the most comprehensive materials along with support from the dedicated experts that will help them in passing the examinations on the very first attempt. The pass rates of the candidates, who have taken the CMA examination has enhanced manifolds after studying the study materials from HOCK International. They ensure that you are going to pass the examination with flying colors if you follow the study plan, as offered by HOCK International. The study materials, conferred by them are comprehensive and updated and thus you will be capable of making the best preparations for the examination.


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