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Why CPAs Are Required in India

We all are aware of Certified Public Accountant i.e. CPA US, a globally recognized course generally equivalent to the title of chartered accountant. In the United State, CPA is considered as a license to provide accounting service to the public.

In India, accounting professionals can too be a part of this elite group. The CPA exam is difficult but it is definitely PASSABLE. It does take hard work to pass the exams, but that effort leads you to the pathway of grabbing the title of CPA US.  India being the largest IFRS Accounting Adopted country, now being a time where many foreign companies these days are coming into India and Indian companies are doing business in other foreign countries. Considering the advancement in current scenario, getting a chance to adopt an International Professional Qualification will bring certain respect, credibility to accounting professional’s career. An opportunity for Indian accounting graduates to pursue a certification that gives them a global recognition with lucrative salary base.

CPAs are in more demand than ever before in India because a CPA professional enforces higher standards of public corporate accounting. Many CAs these days are gladly pursuing CPA because they require the credibility which is achievable by writing the 4-part exam and getting the license.

Indian companies with US presence such as Wipro, Infosys and Reliance, GE Capital, JP Morgan, Ford Motors and so on have set up their business in India and they do hire graduates with CPA qualification to prepare financials and provide assurance services according to US GAAP.

Being a CPA isn’t just a job, it’s actually a whole series of jobs and stepping stones that would conclude into an amazing career.

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This blog is written by Kalyani Mazumdar