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One fine morning we wake up and enter a world filled with sorrow, pain and suffering. The pandemic is unravelling with an unprecedented global lockdown across the world.

But in this hard time, we need to stay strong and be united. It is a time to become a strength of each other’s and help to fight with the outbreak of Covid-19.

This message is for all those individuals who feels that their dream has come to end and they can never achieve what they had aspire. Remember one thing “EVERYTHING IS NOT LOCKED DOWN “.

We should not lower our expectations. In best of our time, we have individuals who have always pushed and helped us to reach the ladder of success. We hear the word mentor often in life, but how many of us have actually actively praised or thank them for being with us.

A mentor can be anyone they could be our parents, sibling, colleague, employer, friend or even a teacher who has always guided and encouraged us to live our dreams. The value of mentoring goes beyond oneself. It is a gift that keeps on giving. We hardly realise it but we are all serving as a mentor to someone.

Individuals considering their career in this challenging world having a mentor is essential. The economy of the new workforce across the globe no longer operates solely on hard work but rather on smart work. One needs to get smarter about peers, relationships, processes, opportunities, and organisational strategies.

In such circumstances great mentors help you get smarter with their wise counsel.  A mentor with his thoughts and experiences paints a picture of what is possible that not only supports you but also provides you the pathway to achieve your goal. They never give up on you. Their counsel prevents missteps that could otherwise ruin your success.

Great mentors assume the vision of their mentee until it is a reality. On this occasion we would like to thank all our CMA, CPA and CIA mentors at Hock India and Mr Brian Hock who is showing the path of light to accounting students worldwide since last 20 years.


Article Written by Kalyani Mazumdar

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