Finally I purchased HOCK CMA materials after a month long research to find the best CMA service provider in the industry. I wanted no stone unturned in my quest to be a CMA. With ICMA’s Learning Outcome statements clear in my mind, I took free trials from four to five top CMA service providers. I read through their text book content, watched video

s, read flash cards etc, which are offered as part their free trials / sample materials. I read through hundreds of reviews posted by students and general media websites on top CMA service providers. After all the exercise, my personal opinion would be as follows:
If you are new to concepts which are part of ICMA’s Learning Outcome statements or have studied these concepts long time back in your graduation, the HOCK CMA materials should be your obvious choice. Considering the gigantic scope of ICMA LOS, the rigorous CMA exam and the challenging pass rates across the globe, one should inevitably aim at mastering the ICMA LOS concepts to emerge victorious in the CMA exam. I have reviewed the study materials purchased from HOCK and believe HOCK materials have all in them to take me comfortably to my goal of becoming a CMA.

I would suggest others not to waste their time, like I did, in researching for the best CMA service provider. The conclusion can be easily arrived at by comparing HOCK textbooks and videos with that of other service providers. While HOCK videos give you a classroom experience with the instructor explaining concepts effortlessly out of his own professional experience, the instructors in videos from some of the other service providers simply read out the content from their textbooks, word by word. If this is the case, it would make sense to think – “Why do you need videos in the first place, if they do not give you any value add?”

The textbook content is explained in clear and intricate way easily understandable even to the laity. The concoction of complex narrations with graphical representations and colorful backgrounds make the textbook a visual treat. Even the rudimentary elements are covered in detail not only in the fundamentals e-book but also in the main textbook. Sadly the comprehensiveness and clarity in textbooks from other service providers is not as discernible as found in HOCK materials. Some of the textbooks from other service providers look non-descript at places. The HOCK CMA app offering the facility to take questions on the go is a an icing on the cake. I cannot voice my opinion on MCQ’s, Essay questions and essay videos, since I have not embarked on them yet. But I’m confident these tools would surely exceed expectations, since I feel the team behind them have already demonstrated commendable passion in developing the best study materials in the market.

I’m frank enough to admit I do not have any pre-conceived proclivity towards HOCK materials. I’m just laying out bare facts for the benefit of other students.

Sajish P.